Why use Ubuntu Linux for data recovery

July 20, 2017

If you have just lost all of the data on your laptop or your desktop computer, you may be in a very frantic state right now. Specifically, if you have lost information that you need to do a project that has a tight deadline that you cannot change or all of personal information that you need to perform your day to day activities is no longer there to be accessed. Even though each case is different, the solution to your problem can be as easy as soliciting help from someone who knows how to use Ubuntu Linux tools for your data recovery. While there is quite a bit of data recovery software applications on the market today, some are much better than others. However, for those of you who are interested in Ubuntu Linux for your needs, you may want to consider the following great benefits.


Ubuntu is Free

Just like other open source projects, Ubuntu is free for anyone who has a desire to use it to complete various kinds of tasks. Therefore, the user will not have to pay for the software recovery tools in order to use them. This is not true for a lot of the other data recovery software applications since there is normally a relatively expensive price attached to use them when their data has been lost.


Community Support

Sometimes the problems that a user experiences may not be too difficult since it is only a matter of restoring information that was accidentally deleted by the user or any small problem that can be fixed right away. In other cases, the restoration of files can be quite a bit more complicated and difficult to retrieve. Therefore, the person may want to use the tools of Ubuntu Linux to assist with getting the data back, but they may not know exactly what is needed to restore data from a damaged hard drive. Whatever the case, it is important to note that these tools are great for more than one reason, including being able to tap into a wealth of knowledge in a Ubuntu communities. With this community’s help, the user can ask anything that they want and need, while also receiving detailed responses on how to recover data using these tools. So, all the person has to do is go online and logon into Linux’s forum to see what can be done when problems are encountered. Because these groups are normally easy to communicate back and forth to, someone on these forums will normally have the right answer that is needed to do this kind of job.


Eliminates the Need to Partition the Hard drive to Recover Information

When people are trying to restore data from a Windows operating system, there are several things that they will need to do. One of the most important is partitioning the hard drive to make the changes needed to complete the restoration. The partition will allow the user to store the data that was lost on one of its sectors so that it can be viewed and accessed again. So, it is a common method for people to use when they are restoring loss data from a hard drive that has windows operating system on it.


While this partition does work, it is no longer needed or required when the person is using Ubuntu Linux to restore their data. This is because is option is also portable and the data can be transferred from one computer to another without a lot of unnecessary hassles. For instance, Ubuntu can be installed on a USB drive and then placed into the desktop computer to view. With this method, the user can restore the data with the usage of a USB drive.


Why use Ubuntu Linux for data recovery is a question that some people will ask when they want the best and quickest possible resource to restore their data. The answer to this question is quite simple when people want to consider the benefits provided with this choice. Particularly, because Ubuntu Linux has the following benefits, and they are listed as follows: its free, tied to a community of supporters and eliminates the need for a user to partition their hard drive off to restore the information.